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On the first CD of my Teaching Self Government Audio Seminar I speak about teaching your family about having a mission as a family group. The mission is what you will do to reach your family’s vision for the future. An important part of teaching your children about working toward a vision and living for a mission is teaching them about philanthropy, or service. Service is also an integral part of building strong character.

We all know giving our children service opportunities helps them become more selfless, which aids in family unity. However, serving as a family also gives your children practice in living a mission for a vision. This practice will help them find success in projects their entire lives. As a family, we are always looking for a way to serve others. In fact,today there is a list on our fridge of service ideas our family is considering for our next service project. If you are ata loss for family service ideas I found a great article on a website full of service ideas. This is the site:


Working on educational projects is another way to help your family reach a vision by taking on a mission to learn and do new academic things. Academic excellence revolves around feeling inspired to reach new heights and learn new skills. Education is a mission too. People who haven’t seen what it means to follow through with a temporary academic mission always have a hard time excelling in school. We need to show our children what academic missions look like. We need to always be learning and growing too. If you want to experience some incredible leadership education type classes for you and your children to experience together you may want to look at:

http://www.tjedacademyandprepschool.com/spring-2010-classes-online I do Thomas Jefferson Education style classes in my home and LOVE the missions in learning which we get to have together!

Teach your familywhat it means to live for a greater purpose. Teach them what it means to problem solve and plan for a greater future for your family. Teach them to serve and to love learning together and you will be in the process of teaching your children how to live a mission and plan for their future life missions as well. My goal as a parent is to raise “…joyful adults who know what their mission in life is and can’t wait to fight for it and have solid relationships with God and family.” (Parenting A House United)



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