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I want to share “The Haroldsen Family Song” that I wrote the night after the seminar. Our family talked about creating a mission statement, but since that is going to take some time, I wanted something ‘right now!’ to pull us into the right frame of mind. I penned these words to be sung to the tune of “America the Beautiful.” We sing it together often and it has even stopped a couple of sibling fights. Enjoy!

The Haroldsens, the Haroldsens

Our family we adore!

We work and play in harmony

And love forevermore.

With happy hearts and helping hands

We learn and serve and grow.

With faith and hope and charity

We’ll conquer every foe!

Your song is so AWESOME! You are definitely a success story from the seminar. You are starting with the right thing, the spirit. If you can keep it in your home, you can change hearts and strengthen souls. The first step is that they have to recognize when it is there and when it isn’t. I am so impressed with your ingenuity!
Way to Go!


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