Nicholeen Talks About Her China Trip


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Wow Nicholeen! What a wonderful work you've been doing! My hat is off to you for your worthy efforts to help people internalize the powerful principles that you teach. I hope you will be able to return and further your endeavors there in China. You've helped me and my own family, so thank you, thank you for all your hard work. You are an amazing person!

Melissa Heiselt's picture

Nicholeen, you are amazing. The Lord knows you and knows what you have to offer the world, and has so blessed your path, and it's been a blessing to me to watch that unfold. I love China, lived there for a short time, and I can just see how and why you are uniquely suited to share these truths with them. If they were to pick one person to train the people who will train the families of China, you would absolutely be THE best in all the world to do that! I am so grateful that you were willing and able to do it! Words cannot express the joy in my heart right now. Way to go Nicholeen & family!

Nicholeen Peck's picture

Melissa, You made my day today. Thanks for such a warm, loving comment, and compliment. I didn't know you lived there. I bet you can tell some great stories. Some day we will have to compare. :) Nicholeen

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