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Teaching Self-Government Parenting Seminar

This is the recording of a day-long parenting seminar given by Nicholeen. You will learn the methods she uses to parent her children that have worked for thousands of families. Even if families only implement some of Nicholeen’s tested parenting principles, their family life will improve.


The Power of Calm

The Power of Calm: an hour-long audio class by Nicholeen.

"When I go speak to people around the country about the style of parenting I live in my home and the family culture I am passionate about, one of the biggest responses I get is, 'I think I need self-government myself before I can teach it to my children.'

This is so true! It is hard to stay calm when you are under pressure and dealing with the stresses of raising children and living in our fast-paced world.


Cultural Parenting Revolution

Are you an effective parent?  Are you causing you children more harm than good? These are questions that all conscientious parents ask themselves. In a groundbreaking class, Nicholeen Peck discusses popular forms of parenting throughout the ages and analyzes the positives and negatives of common parenting styles.  Armed with years of experience raising children from varied backgrounds, Nicholeen illustrates some of the pitfalls of modern parenting styles and gives detailed answers on how to solve common issues.


Overcoming the Urgency Addiction

This class teaches parents how to create habits of effective communication at home instead of getting caught in an efficiency trap.

In this class, Nicholeen says that when you have an "Urgency Addiction," it means that you try to make everything so urgent by being so efficient, that you stop being effective.

This class teaches parents how to create habits of effective communication at home instead of being trapped in efficiency.


Improving Home Culture in 15 minutes!

This audio class is designed to help families make a quick shift in their home culture so that they can more easily implement the Teaching Self-Government principles.  In this class, Nicholeen Peck talks about how to improve a floundering culture at home in just 15 minutes a week!


Dare to Take Command

As parents deliberately trying to create the kind of family we want, there is one issue that we're constantly faced with and will never be able to escape. This is by far the number one problem that parents ask me about after working to teach self-government in their home. It's without a doubt the hardest thing any of us will ever do in this life. What is this number one issue? It's taking command of our own personal self-government.

Note: This is an online course.


5 Social Lessons Every Child Must Know

Come hear Nicholeen get real about what is happening in the world today and why we deeply need social skills.

Here are some favorite quotes by Nicholeen from this presentation:

“Peer interaction in a social setting is a learning experience to be discussed later with the trainer. It's not experience itself.”

“Speaking the truth is the weapon the world needs to heal.”


Teaching Self Government for Type-A & Type-B Personalities

Have you ever wondered why you just can't seem to click with your child's personality?  In this class, Nicholeen Peck discusses key differences between Type-A and Type-B personalities.  When parents and children differ in their personality traits, their relationship can become fragile and should be handled with prudence.  This class provides some common sense solutions to help avoid serious relationship damage.  Nicholeen demonstrates how a Type-A parent should handle a Type-B child, and vice versa.

This class was recorded for Nicholeen's 10-step Implementation Course


Training the Heart

This is an amazing class by Nicholeen where she connects, in her unique perspective, how we are made of parts: heart, body and mind.  This class talks about how you can train your heart to rule over your body, instead of becoming victim to the emotional reactions that put us in bondage and misery.


Value & Mastery of Emotions Webinar

What is emotional intelligence? How do emotions fit into Teaching Self-Government?

This 3 hour webinar helps explain how to validate, express, and master emotions in a healthy and mature way.


Parenting in a Tech/Sexual World

This is a recording of the full-day online seminar we held in April 2018. Once you purchase, the video recordings can be found in under the Courses menu on the Members page.

You can watch it all at once in a single day, or break it up over as many days as you need. There are 4 parts of about 2 hours each. It's recommended that you at least watch one part per sitting, so plan accordingly.

Note: Digital products can be accessed at the Digital Content Center, which is located on the Members page, under the Quick Links menu.
Courses can be found on the Members page under the Courses menu, which is under the Quick Links menu.

Get some of our most popular digital products at a huge discount!

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