Overcoming the Urgency Addiction

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In this class, Nicholeen says this about Steven R. Covey’s “Urgency Addiction,”

It means that you try to make everything so urgent [and] you try to be so efficient, that you stop being effective.

After Nicholeen presented this class, TSG student Pennie wrote this to Nicholeen:

The day after I asked this question on the conference call, I was thinking about what you said about being so efficient that I stop being effective. I realized that sometimes I get out of control and start to order what I think are ‘instructions’ at my children. The very reason why I start ordering is because I am trying to be SO efficient. The truth is that my mission and my life means nothing if I am not effective in showing my children how to love, how to speak lovingly by being calm, and how to follow the principles of Self-Government.

I know that after only 10 short months of being on the Implementation Course, I am still learning and am nowhere near perfect with living the principles you teach, but you have really helped us change our home from a ‘Tug-of-War’ to a ‘Raccoon Circle’ kind of family.  There is something truly providential in my learning path that happens while being immersed in the TSG environment.  It’s like I work my hardest to be assertive, but sometimes some changes still happen after time through grace.  It does take time, but I am living proof that they do happen. Thank you so much for teaching me the power of calmness. You have changed my life and saved my family from divorce.