What is the vision of your character?1 min read

What is the vision of your character? What do you envision, declare, and strive to be?

This week's Gem is from a presentation Nicholeen gave on “Character”.

I love learning about character, and learning more how I can develop strong character in myself and in my children. It is one of those words that “sing” to my heart. I remember when I was in the 6th grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Bird, said the word 'character'. I remember being curious about it because I had never learned about that word before. I even remember asking her how to spell it.“C-h-a-r-A-C-T-e-r”. In the center of the word character, is the word “act”. It reminds us of our choice. We can choose our character by how we act. The center of our character is the way we choose to act today.

My favorite quote from this Gem is this:

We need to start by forming a vision of what we want our characters to be, and our children need to have the opportunity to form that vision about themselves as well. And then they need to learn how to act. This is done by modeling. If we have a vision of what our character is going to be [then they will have a vision of what they want their characters to be.] ~Nicholeen Peck

(The fullpresentation about Character can be found on CD #5 of the 6 CD set.)

Here is a link to afree E-book “Character”by Samuel Smiles.

To the victory of your family,

Pennie Rumsey


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