What is the very most effective thing you can do as a parent?2 min read

Don't you just wish you could do the most effective things as a parent and avoid bad behavior all together?

Our Gem this week is from step 5 of Nicholeen's Implementation Course, from a class called “3 Keys To Avoid Bad Behavior”. Nicholeen teaches that the most effective three things we can do as a parent are SODAS, Pre-Teaching, and Praise. Of those three, she said that praise is the most effective. She also includes in this class 8 tips for praising. Each of us have a need to constantly renew and refresh as we recommit to becoming better parents through great praise. It takes constant and continual effort to work toward light, joy, and peace.

So how do we really work at praising?

I love this class because it focuses on the idea that “Good = Good”. Nicholeen talks about how we need to correct bad behavior to teach our children through cause and effect to show them bad = bad. It is easier to look at the bad. It is harder to focus on the good. I think of praise as the work we do to swim upstream in the river of life, while the reactive things we do floats us down the river of life in the path of least resistance.

This Gem features Nicholeen reading and discussing a delightful book called “Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae” by Brad Wilcox. As one of the 8 Tips of Effective praise, Nicholeen talks about praising and really listening.

As you listen to this Gem, really focus for just a few minutes to really search your heart to learn what it is that you need to do to learn to better focus on and praise your children. Ask yourself “How can I really get better at praising? What do I need to see or understand?”

Parenting is the hardest challenge we have in life and also the most rewarding. Give your best to that which matters most, even if it's hard, and you will be happy.

To the victory of your family,

Pennie Rumsey


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