The Importance Of Work1 min read

“Work is the anectdote for a sick character.” This is what one of my favorite authors, Samuel Smiles, says about work. Work keeps the family united and happy. It keeps someone’s character strong. But what exactly is character?

In Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, the definition of “character” is this: “The peculiar qualities, impressed by nature or habit on a person, which distinguish him from others; these constitute real character, and the qualities which he is supposed to possess, constitute his estimated character, or reputation. Hence we say, a character is not formed, when the person has not acquired stable and distinctive qualities.”

By this definition, our “stable and distinctive qualities [and skills]” are what define and make us. Some of those skills and qualities include being able to follow instructions, accept “no” answers and critisism, disagreeing appropriately, and being able to stay calm and collected. All of these things make us better people.

But what happens when our character is “sick”? When we don’t want to be calm, or follow instructions? We work. Work is the very best way to boost relationships and restore a character to its original, healthy state.

Notice how each of the children elude to the fact that work makes them more confident. Work does create confidence.

Watch this video to learn more about why work is so important!


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