Sunday chores again.1 min read

What about extra chores on Sunday?

On Sundays we don't do heavy work, or major maintenances in order to keep our Sabbath. But children still make bad choices on Sundays. My policy is this:

If my child chooses to earn an extra chore on a Sunday then I try to think of something that I would normally have to do on that day anyway; such as make cookies for a family treat, or put all the books back on the shelf etc. Remember, all chores don't have to be miserable, they just have to teach cause and effect. A person doesn't have to feel pain to learn.

If my child earns a major maintenance, then the job is written on a sticky note and stuck on a cupboard so that I will remember to have the child follow through the next day.

If the child earns 24 hours of no privileges, then they will help me with ALL my Sunday duties, and write multiple SODAS (problem solving exercises). The 24 hours starts and ends like normal. Make sure to have snacks which are missed if this happens on a Sunday.

I do know some people who defer all extra chores and loss of privileges to the following day. I think this system is also OK as long as you have a system which will help you remember to have the child follow through.

The children are always learning cause and effect, so if you defer a consequence and then don't follow through on Monday, the child learns that your system can be manipulated, and doesn't need to be taken seriously.


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