Purpose of the blog2 min read

I would like to thank Kaisie Alba for helping me get this blog up and running. The purpose of this blog is to have a place for families who are trying to teach their children how govern themselves to ask questions to Nicholeen and find solutions to their struggles with parenthood. Teaching Self Government is a huge paradigm shift and often times questions come up along the way. This is the place to find a power source if you need one and ask questions. Nicholeen will check the blog as often as possible to try to answer all the many questions out there. She does do lots of things in life, so sometimes it could takea few days, although I hope not. I am trying this blog thing out. If it doesn’t seem to be doing much good, then I will discontinue after a while. I will try to post stories from my own life and helpful tips for parenting as I have time.

To begin with, everyone I have had attend a seminar will be invited to join this blog with an email from me. More people will be added as others hear my presentations and seminars. If you are looking at this for the first time, welcome! I hope the spirit of healthy family communications is alive and well in your home. Let me know if I can help.

It’s good toask yourself why you take this much time parenting. My purpose is not to make perfect children. My purpose is to make joyful adults, who know what their mission in life is and can’t wait to fight for it, and have good relationships with God and family. With a purpose like this I have mission and I don’t have to worry if my children don’t measure up to the ‘perfect’ child down the road every day.

Blessings – Nicholeen