Pre-Teaching For Summer Activities

Do you have some awesome family trips or activities planned for this Summer? It’s going to be the best Summer ever! However, what are you going to do when the children start acting out? TSG on the go is always a little harder than at home. How are you going to keep them calm, happy, and obedient? How will they stay by you when you’re in a crowded place?

The answer is simple: fix the problem before it starts! The best way to do this is by pre-teaching before any and all activities begin. It doesn’t take too long. Just pull your children aside for a minute or two, or do it in the car right before getting out, and explain the behavior expectations and the consequences for negative and positive behavior. Then stick to it. The result is much better than playing it by ear, already in the thick of things. The pre-teach puts your expectations in their minds, helping them to make wiser choices.

For a video on pre-teaching this Summer, click HERE!

Have fun this Summer! Remember to pre-teach!



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