Low Energy Days2 min read

Low Energy Days

Let’s face it, we don’t feel our best every day. Sometimes we get sick. Sometimes we are tired or burdened with the stresses of life. What can we do on low energy days to stay consistent?

One thing that fails first on low energy days is parenting consistency. Parents start not seeing or correcting mistakes because they are distracted by their low energy.

What To Do

  1. On low energy days, get rid of the non-essential. This means that cleaning the house might have to wait for a day, or getting dressed up nice might not be important today. The essentials are your stewardships/relationships, and your health.

  2. Keep a notebook close by. If you don’t have the health to correct a problem right then, write it down and correct it after you are feeling better.

  3. Make sure you enforce checking back.

  4. Pray for strength to live your mission. Put it first and God will endow you with power you didn’t know you had.

  5. Eat well. High nutrition food is best when you are not feeling well. Stay away from sweets, flours and dairy as they take work to digest and mess with your energy levels via blood sugar.

  6. Take a power nap (20 to 30 min) and actually wake up.

  7. Pray for strength.

  8. Listen to people and show you understand by repeating back what they said.

  9. Focus on praising more.

  10. Do bonding activities like reading books instead of housework.

  11. Catch your selfish thoughts and follow your inner strength instead.

We don’t always feel our best, but our wills, our spirits, can choose to conquer and be consistent anyway. This is the essence of self-government. It is all about using the will to conquer the voice of the body. God will help you as you trust in your own ability to do more than you thought you could.