Londyn, Age 7, Tells About the BBC World’s Strictest Parents2 min read

My name is Londyn and I am seven. Hannah and James changed a lot by the end of the week they stayed with us. And when they went home they made good changes. Like James took his lip piercing out and he wants to stop smoking.

It was sort of sad that Hannah was a mom so young. I wouldn't do that if I was her. But she was alwaysnice to me even though she liked to yell a lot at my parents and the camera crew. She and James even ran away one day because the camera crew wouldn't do what they wanted. Hannah stopped yelling after a while though. I think no one cared about her yells. She should just always be nice.

One night Hannah and James made our family dinner. It was called Spaghetti Bolognese. It was really good too. They even made sure that they made some of it with rice so I could eat it. James also made an English parfait for dessert. He really liked cooking. I got to sit by James at dinner that night. He is really nice to me. I think he wishes for a little sister like me to be around.

Being on camera was hard but fun too. The camera crew was so nice to me. One of my favorites was Dave, because he played lots of games with us while my parents had to be interviewed and stuff. Ric was the main camera crew and he was always making jokes. Everyone laughed at Ric's jokes. Making a TV show was like a big party all the time, but we had to be quiet when the cameras were on. The other camera crews names were Ben, Annabel, Kelly, and Carolynn. It was really interesting to watch everyone work at our house. From, Londyn

Well there you have it. Londyn fell in love with James Hannah and the camera crew before the week was over and also learned a lot of things she doesn't want to do with her life. This experience, even though I wouldn't recommend it for every family, was a great learning experience for the whole family about life outside of our culture and values. It was a great learning week for everyone. Sometimes I think we really take for granted how happy ourhome life is and the way we live too. The way we lived really was shocking to all our English visitors.


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