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A comment on a previous post said:

Saw the show last night. And I felt credit where it's due … I had to cringe at the behaviour of the two kids (because that's what they were). And speaking as someone who isn't religious, or abstemious (but who doesn't over indulge beyond a glass of wine with a meal), I can only say I was very impressed by your patience, and the outcome … so much respect, and best wishes to you and your family.

My response was:

Thank you so much for your kind comments. I was quite pleased at how the show turned out. The whole experience was very uplifting and I am glad they showed that. I know James and Hannah had changes of hearts while they were here, but I don't know if those changes will last unless they find new friends. They are both so socially driven that I am afraid they will have a terrible time going against their peer groups. This was part of the main reason they were crying as they left. James and Hannah both told me they really didn't want to go home because they knew that at home people wouldn't understand what they know now. Their eyes had been opened. Once a person experiences a change of heart like they did, they are alone if their friends and family don't really understand. I actually wished they could have stayed. James told me he wants to try to come back some day, but I don't really know if this will happen. Thank you so much for your support. We are making so many wonderful English friends and are inspired by the people we are meeting. The world really is a good place and has amazing people in it. We all just need to work together to strengthen the world one person at a time. Share the show with your friends. The whole reason we did it was to make an impact for good. If we all pass it around a bit, I think many people will choose to be better parents and teens. I have already had other troubled teens contact me and ask me to help them straighten out their lives too. This is something I am very happy to do. Again, thank you for your kindness!

I am trying to respond to all the comments and emails as they come in. I am meeting some tremendously inspiring people. Hooray for goodness! We can all influence the world if we keep spreading warmth and kindness.


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