Audio Gem: How Do I Trust?1 min read

This week's Gem is on improving your tone. It answers the question “How do you trust and help to change their hearts?”

I love in this Gem where the questionsays “If I change my heart, he changes his.” I have found this to be so true in my life with my own family. Changing your own heart isn't the quick answer, but itisthe real long-term answer.

In Nicholeen's answer she says,

“In your homes all you have to do is set up the system and trust that it will work. If you have that kind of trust you don't need to try to force. Because remember the opposite of trust if force. Speed is not nearly important as the impact.” Nicholeen

I also love the idea Nicholeen talks about here of the 500 year plan. It make me wonder "How far does myplan reach into the future?" I love this idea because itis the reason why I sign my letters "To the victory of your children's children" – because that's who I want your life to reach. Be that kind of parent for your Great-Great-Grandchildren. It will make a difference for how you live today.

Here's Your Audio Gem on “How Do I Trust?”


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