Adult Chore Chart?

“Hello Nicholeen,

Thanks for the tips for continuing with TSG principles on vacation. I like the idea of losing priviledges rather than chores. We have been on vacation for 5 days so far and things have gone remarkably well. My husband said the other night, “It’s likewe flipped a switch with Hunter and nowhe is a different person.” We are still in shock about it. I guess he just needed to know how to act all that time! He is loving the natural consequence of being good (lots of praise and happy parents). Thank you again for all your help!

I am also very interested in your chore system, another area we need to improve. I do most of the household chores, the kids clean their rooms and unload the dishwasher but I would like to expand that. I like the way you have specific jobs for each day for them. I’m going to try that. I was wondering if you also have a similar list for yourself and your husband? I noticed that the kids cook some nights and not others. I also saw on the list for your younger children that they help you some nights. I would love to see your list if you have one as well.

Thank you so much for all you’ve shared!”

A reader asked whatMY chore chart looks like. I used to have specific days I did certain things. I don’t run things like that too much anymore.

My husband does the laundry, lawn, and any other cleaning that he thinks needs to be done. He likes things nice and shiny.

I handle anything that needs to be handled, basically. I also do all organizing, and chore inspiring.

I try to work alongside my children whenever possible. Especially the young ones. I have noticed that the morale of the family is better when we ALL work at the same time.

After dinner we all jump up and clean up. We each have our specific chores. Mom and Dad help with whatever is left or general house pick up, so that after dinner, the house is fairly clean. Of course, we are human and some days don’t go just right, but whenever possible, this is the format we follow. 🙂



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