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Songs are powerful. They can change the mood in a room, and can change hearts. Of course the wrong kind of music can change the feeling in a room or heart for the worse, but uplifting music with a true message easily makes people and environments feel comfortable.

My children aren’t perfect! They have their moments from time to time and they have had stages of life when they didn’t always agree with each other. During one more difficult time when my children got into the habit of crossing boundary lines with each other we had an increase of contention in the home.

When the spirit of contention is in the home, the learning and loving ceases. The first priority should always be to bring the spirit of love back to the home environment. When my children would start fighting I would give them an instruction to stop and then ask them to describe what the environment felt like. They would quickly recognize the difference in the home and want to change their behaviors.

First, I would do a proper correction, then I would praise them for accepting it. Next I would remind them of our family vision and how our family is supposed to feel. Finally, we would sing a song.

It is a song many people might know. It is really simple and applies to all disagreements. The little song is called “Jesus Said Love Everyone.” The words go like this:

“Jesus said love everyone

treat them kindly too.

When you heart is filled with love

others will love you.”

Here is a link to the song so that you can learn it too.

I still remember one day when my children got the opportunity to sing the song in front of their friends since they needed correction when the friends were over. Afterward, one friend said, “Do you do that all the time? That’s awesome!”

If you need help getting the spirit of love back in your home after things have gone off track, remember to pray or sing an inspiring song. Don’t handle the situation until you are calm and use the teaching time to help the children to be calm too.


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