A Morning Of Mentoring For Cheap! | Teaching Self-Government

A Morning Of Mentoring For Cheap!

September 11, 2010

Layton, Utah

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Group and Personal Coaching with Spencer and Nicholeen Peck. 

Whenever Spencer and I speak we are asked so many questions and never seem to have enough time to give one on one mentoring like people really want.  We do phone mentor sessions for $50 per hour call, but I can only do so many calls.  So, we have an exciting opportunity for anyone who has already attended the one day or half day seminar we give.  You and your spouse are invited to attend a Teaching Self Government Workshop and Mentoring Session. 

Question and Answer

In Depth Discussion of the Self-Government Principles and Skills Needed to Make it All Work

Father's Break-out Session with Spencer

Mother's Break-out Session with Nicholeen

Pot-Luck Lunch to Follow

Contact Kelli and Clinton Poll [email protected]

Cost: $40 per person (spouse is free)

This event will fill up quickly.  There is only space for 13 couples.  Act quickly!