Training the Heart | Teaching Self-Government

Training the Heart

Training the Heart

The Core of Self-Government

This is an amazing class by Nicholeen where she connects, in her unique perspective, how we are made of parts: heart, body and mind.  This class talks about how you can train your heart to rule over your body, instead of becoming victim to the emotional reactions that put us in bondage and misery.  

In this class you will learn:

  • Why parts of the body were created
  • What you need to do to get them to work together
  • How to become free from emotional bondage

What we're talking about today is freedom for yourselves: freedom for your body, freedom for your mind, and freedom for your heart. Those are the three parts of a soul. They are meant to work together, not against each other. When a person learns to put all together working in harmony, that person has extreme happiness. Self-government is power.  ~Nicholeen

If you are part of the Support Group, you can listen to part of the class HERE.

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