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One of the most difficult parts of modern parenting is maintaining strong bonds with family members. We are not only busy, but have lots of distractions and ideologies that are tearing our family relationships apart right before our eyes. No matter the ages of your children, it’s never too early nor too late to build powerful bonding habits. In fact, building good bonding habits could be the very thing that gives your family the strength to be impenetrable during these difficult times.

Join Nicholeen for a 3 hour event that can change hearts and lives in your family!

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While looking through the lens of the principle self-government, this three hour class will help parents see simple ways to establish habits for better bonding and relationship strengthening. The habits and principles Nicholeen will share are meant to help improve bonding during family fun times as well as times that seem stressful or difficult too.
It’s still possible to raise children who want to bond with parents. What do past generations teach us about building strong family bonds that we might have forgotten?
By the end of this three hour training, parents will:
  • Have new strategies for bonding
  • Feel empowered to make positive changes within themselves
  • Get rid of some of the toxic influences that are damaging bonding
  • See what history can teach us about bonding
  • Create a lasting family plan for bonding and relationship success
  • Know how to help children who don’t want to bond start caring about bonding as a family again
  • Prepare children to establish a habit of bonding and trusting parents
Join Nicholeen for an event that can change hearts and lives in your family!

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