Parenting Mastery FAQ

Can I pay in payments?

You can register for the Parenting Mastery in 4 monthly payments of $250. Use this link to register now for only $250/month over 4 months

Is food and lodging included?

While we sometimes host Parenting Mastery events that do include food and lodging, this one does not.Unless specifically specified food and lodging is not included. Please make your own arrangements for food and lodging.

What can I expect for the schedule?

Please plan to be present for the whole duration of the training. We will have brief breaks during thetraining and will breakfor about an hour for lunchtime. Classes will go no later than 6:30 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and no earlier than 8 a.m. on Friday and Saturday morning.

Is it required that I bring a spouse?

No. However, if you are married the answer should be YES in your mind. We recognize that there are single parents or perhaps extreme circumstanes where it’s just not possible for a spouse to come and we don’t want to exclude your opportunity to become an excellent parent simply because of your personal circumstances. There is no discount for coming by yourself. Another member of your household may come in place of a spouse; however, this MUST be arranged in advance and it’s important that they can sit through a full day of classes.

How do I get to the Bourns Technology Center?

Directions can be found at

If you are coming in from out of state, you will probably want to fly into the Ontario International Airport (25 minute drive) or the Los Angeles Airport (1 hour 15 minute drive)and rent a car or get an uber from there.

Can I bring my nursing baby?

Yes! We have often had parents bring their nursing babies in the past and we are happy to allow yours to come too. The only struggle that these mothers sometimes have is that their baby can be a distraction for them from all the activities and discussion that will take place.

Will I have phone service and Internet Access?

Yes, wireless Internet is available throughout the facility. However,we highly recommend that while at thetraining you turn off your phone and all other electronic devices. If you will need to use the phone for any reason while you are at thetraining (to check on kids, etc.), there will be time during breaks.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Please see ourEvent Purchase Agreement.

I can’t make it to this one, when is your next event?

We do not have our next one scheduled at this time. Watch our events page or sign up for our waiting list to ensure you are informed about our next Parenting Mastery.

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Other Questions?

Go to ourcontact pageand send us an email, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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