Parenting Mastery FAQ

What can I expect for the schedule?

Please plan to be present for the whole duration of the training. We will have brief breaks during the training and will break for about an hour for lunchtime. Classes will go no later than 6:30 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and no earlier than 8 a.m. on Friday and Saturday morning.

Is it required that I bring a spouse?

No. However, if you are married the answer should be YES in your mind. We recognize that there are single parents or perhaps extreme circumstances where it’s just not possible for a spouse to come and we don’t want to exclude your opportunity to become an excellent parent simply because of your personal circumstances. There is no discount for coming by yourself. Another member of your household may come in place of a spouse; however, this MUST be arranged in advance and it’s important that they can sit through a full day of classes.

Can I bring my nursing baby?

Yes! We have often had parents bring their nursing babies in the past and we are happy to allow yours to come too. The only struggle that these mothers sometimes have is that their baby can be a distraction for them from all the activities and discussion that will take place.

Is food and lodging included? (In-person)

While we sometimes host Parenting Mastery events that do include food and lodging, this one does not. Unless specifically specified food and lodging is not included. Please make your own arrangements for food and lodging.

Will I have phone service and Internet Access? (In-person)

Yes, wireless Internet is available throughout the facility. However, we highly recommend that while at the training you turn off your phone and all other electronic devices. If you will need to use the phone for any reason while you are at the training (to check on kids, etc.), there will be time during breaks.

Can I invite a friend over to watch with me? (Online)

This event will have a lot of expected participation. Everything you practice should be specific to YOUR family. To have a friend with you would actually distract from your own experience and would require additional focus for Nicholeen and the mentors who manage our breakout groups. So the answer is no unless that person knows they are specifically there to support YOU. It also wouldn’t be honest for you to have to pay for a ticket and for your friend to not have to. If you are single or have no other family member who could possibly be your partner for this training then please reach out to us for approval as we do want everyone attending to have a partner if possible.

In special cases a group may want to meet together and participate as a large group remotely. Such cases should be approved on a case-by-case basis by contacting Richard.

Will it be recorded so that I can watch later? (Online)

No! This only works as a live training as there are many parts where we will break out into groups and practice and discuss skills and principles. We will be recording internally for security reasons, but we have no plans to have recordings of this event distributed at any time.

How will I join on the day of the seminar? (Online)

You should receive a link in your email the day before the seminar. You will need to have the Zoom application installed, if you don’t the link will prompt you to do so. When you join you will be placed into an online waiting room where we will verify your registration and check you in.

Will I get training materials? (Online)

As part of this training you will receive a digital copy of the workbook, cue cards, and a choices map. Those within the United States will receive those by mail, while those outside the United States will receive digital versions. If you live outside the United States and would like to receive printed copies, please contact us and we can calculate additional shipping costs necessary to get the materials sent to you in time. All materials should be received before the event unless you registered within 2 weeks of the event in which case you may only get a digital copy in time.

Will I be able to have one on one time with Nicholeen? (Online)

Nicholeen always takes time to answer questions during the Parenting Mastery training. We limit the number of attendees to ensure that that is possible. This will not be like a  seminar or webinar where you feel lost in the crows. You will be able to speak up and ask questions. Nicholeen will watch for raised hands and call on people whenever possible. If anyone needs a 1 on 1 meeting with Nicholeen, she does plan on having time slots available that people can schedule during the event for an extra fee. Even at the face to face events Nicholeen isn’t usually able to do 1 on 1 meetings with people without them being scheduled.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Please see our Event Purchase Agreement.

I can’t make it to this one, when is your next event?

We do not have our next one scheduled at this time. Watch our events page or sign up for our waiting list to ensure you are informed about our next Parenting Mastery.

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Other Questions?

Go to our contact page and send us an email, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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