Why I Love Disagreeing Appropriately2 min read

Message from Paije Peck (Nicholeen’s Daughter)

Disagreeing appropriately is, by far, my favorite self-government skill. As a youth, it proves to be one of the most helpful skills to have too. Not only is it helpful, it’s very important for the structure of the home.

Disagreeing appropriately is a great way to get my point across to someone without getting in trouble. I love this aspect because I have a tendency to be very passionate when it comes to resolving a disagreement. So, it benefits me greatly to be able to tell my parents or siblings why I don’t agree with them in a calm, effective, and easy way. I also find that disagreeing appropriately somewhat fun to do. Some may not see it that way, but having an opportunity to practice my debating skills is always really fun for me.

Now, even though I’m the offspring of the amazing woman who teaches this skill, I am, by no means, perfect at this. Sometimes, when the family is debating topics of interest, we get a little heated in our discussion. These discussions can be serious or funny. Occasionally, in the middle of a sentence, I suddenly hear “Are you trying to disagree appropriately?” I turn to see my mom smiling at me, sometimes trying not to laugh, or pretending to be angry. I laugh, and then disagree appropriately about whatever we had been talking about. But whenever she says that phrase, I’m immediately reminded that I need to be in a certain mindset and have a certain attitude to be able to effectively disagree. I then do a quick check of myself to make sure that I have that. That phrase is a trigger phrase that reminds me that I have to be able to stay calm and respect my parents in their role as they correct me, whether it’s in fun or in serious situations.

My experiences with disagreeing appropriately has brought me to the conclusion that it really does strengthen the family and all the other relationships that I have. It brings love and happiness when used. There’s an awesome secret about disagreeing appropriately. Whenever I use it, I seem to get more of what I want. If you like things your way, use this skill! Use it and love it. I do!

Here’s a video of disagreeing appropriately:



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