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Laws And Family Leadership

by Nicholeen Peck

Two Kinds Of Laws

Our world is a world of law and order. The laws of the land may be just or unjust, but for all time there have been laws. There have been laws for government, laws for clubs and organizations, laws for the workplace, laws for God’s people, and laws for homes.

There are, generally speaking, two kinds of law in this world; legislative law that change all the time depending on situations and real law that is based on truth and remain constant and unalterable. Real law has historically been honored in most societies and cultures even though the legislative law in the respective land by not be.

Real law includes laws like the law of the harvest, the law of reproduction, the law of cause and effect, the law of gravity, and the law of roles in the family. If any of these laws are tampered with the desired results will not be produced. These are a few of God’s laws for us that we must acknowledge and respect if we are to find happiness in life.

Family Leadership Laws

Teaching Self-Government in the home requires the use of both legislative law and real law.

When the family has family meetings and couple’s meetings or a child disagrees appropriately the family is practicing legislative laws. They are considering an individual issue and comparing it to the principles of real law that they already know. Real law is the law that brings the legislative moments of law into harmony with all of God’s laws. Understanding real law also prepares a person for successful decision making in the future.

Natural and real laws have effects that take place the same way every time. For instance, if a person yells at another person, the person being yelled at feels attacked by the first person and feels distant or disconnected from the first person.

Teaching Self-Government is all about applying natural and real laws to everyday family living. In fact, self-government itself is a natural law. It is law that only the individual can govern himself. Outside influences may modify environments or attempt manipulation, but in the end the person must choose to either self-govern or not. This is the real law that is at the center of all the other real laws self-government teaching promote.

It is my hope that this brief explanation of law helps your family see the difference between moments when legislative law is appropriate at home and when real law must be acknowledged.

For example when a person is out of control, real law tells us the person is in bondage they are frustrated and being controlled by their emotions instead of following the voice of their heart or spirit.

When a person wants someone to self-govern, they can’t force them, the only the person I can make practice self-government is me.

Parents are intended to raise and nurture children. This is obvious based upon how children arrive here.

Children have to be taught good behaviors before they will know what a good behavior is.

I could go on and on.

Self-government isn’t fleeting. It isn’t something that will go in and out of style. It is a real law that will forever be the means to freedom. We cannot let it die. As we teach our children self-govrnment more real, natural laws will be recognized and honored.


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