[Support Group Gem Audio] Teaching Siblings To Love Each Other1 min read

The family is a wonderful thing. But, even more beautiful is the relationships that exist between a brother and a sister. There are just certain things there that you don’t see in a tie between a child an a parent. And it is special. As an example, my two oldest, Quinton and Paije, are best friends. Whenever anyone asks them who their best friend is, they immediately mention the other sibling. In today’s world, that’s not as common. When others hear that Paije loves her brother, they are amazed. They usually say, “I hate my brother. He’s SO annoying!” Paije has come home and told me what they say and she says she just feels so sad for them. Her relationship with her brother is one of the most precious things she has. She treasures her brother, both of them actually.

Listen to this audio clip to see why this relationship is so precious!



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