Parenting Mastery Cruise

  • Paying the price above is for the training ONLY and is the price per couple. You MUST be on the cruise as well to be a part of the training.
  • To book your spot on the cruise,call435-628-3633, ext 1, then press 2 (Kim Rubel is the agent to speak with)
  • Ask about the Teaching Self-Government cruise in November 2017. (If Kim doesn’t answer, be sure to leave a message.)
  • If you would simply like to join our group on this cruise and notregister for the training, that’s great. Training registrationis NOT required We’d love to have you!
  • Prices and spots on the cruise are not guaranteed, so book now while prices are low and space is still available.

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Join Nicholeen Peck on this EPIC 7-day cruise
and come away with the tools you need to have a more united, peaceful and joyful family!

Day 1 – Sunday, November 5th – Los Angeles, CA
Day 2 – Monday, November 6th – At Sea
Day 3 – Tuesday, November 7th – At Sea
Day 4 – Wednesday, November 8th – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Day 5 – Thursday, November 9th – Mazatlan, Mexico
Day 6 – Friday, November 10th – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Day 7 – Saturday, November 11th – At Sea
Day 8 – Sunday ,November 12th – Los Angeles, CA

Over the course of this cruise, you can learn how to strengthen your marriage, build stronger relationships
with all family members, and discover the power within yourself to unify your family.
What would that be worth to you?

Nicholeen Peck

My name is Nicholeen Peck. After years of fostering out-of-control youth, parents begged me to teach them my secrets for turning children and teens into responsible youth, helping their families become peaceful, happy and thriving. I have been teaching nationally and internationally ever since.

I am now thrilled to offer this Exclusive Couples Training where I can meet you face-to-face and help you with your family!

Bring Your Spouseand Join Me!

The cruise is November 5-12, 2017.
Please remember that your place on the cruise must be booked separately from the TSG training.

Register for the Teaching Self-Government Parenting Mastery

Come and Experience . . .

  • Exactly What Effective Parenting Looks and Feels Like

  • Empowering Tools And Skills for Effective Family Problem Solving

  • Empowered Communication

  • Stronger Family Relationships

  • Confident Parenting

  • Lasting Relationships with Like-Minded Participants

  • Increased Family Joy

  • The Secret to Having Your Children Raising Superb Grandchildren

What Some Participants Have Said About Past Parenting Mastery Trainings:

Before coming, we had had no idea what Teaching Self-Government principles were or why our family would need them. We came because we saw an email about it somewhere and thought it looked like a fun get-a-way, a mountain retreat in a huge lodge, with catered food, new friends, and a time to unite as a couple. We had no idea there would be professional entertainment, or that we the Aponte family (a family with 9 children) would come out from Kentucky to share their self-government story.’ We will never be the same again. We even see our roles as parents and spouses differently now.


Nichols Testimonial

When we left the retreat last fall I told Matt that if you decided to ever do another one, I wanted to go. We gained so much from that weekend together as we listened to the presentations and discussions, visited with the other couples there and practiced the different techniques. We came away more united as a couple with a better vision of what we want our family to be. We are coming again for the chance to review, refocus and reconnect. I couldn’t ask for a better Mother’s Day present!
-Matt and Angie Nichols


Austin and I had so much fun at the retreat! He is not the sort of guy who would willingly go to an event that was based around classes, so it is so funny and delightful for me to hear him rave about it and say over and over that he wishes we could get back there and feel that spirit again.
I have been riding a high as well, and I know that I can’t go back to the way I was in my parenting, and in my self government. I am so excited to share with you the plans that we have made and the progress that we’ve made as well.
We would love to be able to get together with some of those people again.


“This is the best investment you can make for the future your family! We absolutely loved it!”

– Rob & Elizabeth Burnett

The Method:

“You’ve made a huge difference to our family, and we’re very grateful for it. Your focus on practical, concrete things that we can do has helped us a great deal. Niether of us grew up in what could be called particularly healthy family situations, and even though we believe and try to practice good principles in the home, this is the first time we’ve really felt that we understand how to do so effectively and consistently. That is very powerful and freeing, and it is really working. Thanks for what you do!” -C


I could have used her techniques when my children were small. I am still going to teach my children the principles though,so that any future grandchildren can benefit!” ~Kristi


“I have really appreciated the things that I have learned from teaching self-government. The greatest part about it, is that it is so easy to apply to your life. It gives you a new vocabulary that unites the family in loving discipline, as well as ammunition when you are at your wits end. Because of teaching self government, I have found myself saying in my mind “be calm” and then turning to my kids and calmly explaining the situation to them, telling them why it was not appropriate, and instructing them how they could have done things different. This has been invaluable in my life, and I am so grateful to have found it.” ~Lindy McKay


What an amazing program you have developed!!! I will be forever in debt to you! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!” ~T.C.

The 2017 Exclusive CouplesTraining includes:

  • Personalized Mentoring with Nicholeen and her family

  • Classes Especially for Moms

  • Classes Especially for Dads

  • Couple’s Coordination Workshops

  • Skills Training and Practice

  • Unity Fostering Activities

  • And More

This experience is one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable,

critical, life changing, unparalleled!

This is not just content you already know. It doesn’t matter if you’re just being introduced to Teaching Self-government or if you’ve been a member for years. This couplestraining is by far the deepest type of group training Teaching Self-Government has ever put together!

In this training, you and your spouse will gain ownership of skills in a way you have never before, including a deeper understanding of yourself, your marriage and your family.

I am so certain that you will LOVE this transformational seminar that I’m backing it with my own personal guarantee!

I look forward to getting to know you there!


Nicholeen Peck

PS. You need to hurry and register as thistraining is limited to 25couples only. It is exclusive, intimate, and fun! Seats go fast! Plus, prices and spots on the cruise are not guaranteed, so book now while prices are low and space is still available. So call your spouse, mark your calendars and register now!

Teaching Self-government CouplesTraining $5,722 value!

Because my purpose is to help strengthen as many families as I can,
I chose to make this accessible to anyone who wanted to come
and am offering thistraining for only $495 a couple

Register for the Teaching Self-Government Parenting Mastery

If you sign up now you will also receive

  • Personalized assessment survey to help you and your spouse prepare and for Nicholeen to personalize this retreat specifically for your family. $100 Value!

  • Significant discounts on all materials at the retreat.Over $600 Value!

  • Cue Cards and a TSG Choices map at the retreat. $22 Value!

  • The opportunity to be eligible to become a TSG Mentor!
  • Not to mention… A Fantastic group to cruise with, All of your Meals, The Training itself, and Networking with other amazing people. $5000 Value!

You need to hurry!

Once we’re full, registration for the event will be closed!

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Register for the Teaching Self-Government Parenting Mastery

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