Becoming Free Through Self-Government2 min read

All of us want our children to be free and happy, but how do we teach them to be?

I had an awesome learning moment this past week while I was listening to a class that Nicholeen gave at UHEA this past summer. I'm still absorbing most of what she taught because it is so profound and so foundational to the principles of happiness. One thing I did realizeis that I have to deliberately train my children to use their self-government so that their spirit / heart can rule over their body.

This week's Gem is a segment from that class. Nicholeen shares this poem, which I also love. Here a link to the poem if you want to print it out.

This is my favorite quote from Nicholeen on this Gem:

“What we're talking about today is freedom for yourselves: freedom for your body, freedom for your mind, and freedom for your heart. Those are the 3 parts of a soul. They are meant to work together, not against each other. When a person learns to put all together working in harmony, that person has extreme happiness. Self-government is power.”

Learning to stop the emotional urges of the body is the hardest thing I have ever done, and also the most rewarding. I know in this path I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be but simply never knew how.

I know each of us get to choose the life we make for ourselves. If we choose to go with the flow and take the path of least resistance, we will become weak and dead. If we choose to swim upstream in the river of life, we will become stronger every day and end up with lasting happiness, real power, and true freedom.

Here is your Gem on Becoming Free Through Self-Government:

By the way this class will be coming soon inour store called "The Core of Self-Government: Heart Vs. Body".

To the victory of your children,

Pennie Rumsey


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