Audio Gem: Is Time Stressing You Out?

Are the holidays stressing you out?How can using TeachingSelf-Government skills help you?

The holiday’s is a very busy season with lots of people to think about, lots of get togethers, and yet we still need to live our regular lives. It is very easy to get stressed out and feel like you’re running out of time. We wanted to help you take a minute to refocus on what matters most.

In this week’s Audio Gem you will learn:

  • How to hold the individual moments precious
  • How to slow down and connect in relationships
  • Why it is important to look in our children’s eyes
  • Happiness comes from the connection in the relationship
  • The telescope principle
  • Not allowing the details to take over your emotions

The first step in any of the 4 Basic Skills begins with “Look atthe person”. This helps us to focus on the person instead of thetask, or the amount of time it takes to get the instruction finished.

In this Gem,Nicholeen says:

You have 24 hours in every single day. In that time you willnever get it all done and have it go perfectly. Plan on that. Sincelife happens imperfectly and you’re never going to get it all done,then you’ve got to change your focus. The moments that you are nothaving right now do not matter right now. The moment that is happening rightnow is the moment you need to focus on. It really is about lettingyour brain say ‘This moment is important’. We got to make sure wevalue that relationship connection.

Here is today’s Audio Gem:

It only takes a moment to build or destroy a relationship. Takethe time to look in their eyes so that you build lastingrelationships with your children this Christmas season.

To the victory of your family,
Pennie Rumsey



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