Answering Your Questions About The Rule Of Three and When Children Experience A Change of Heart2 min read

“Exculsive Audio” mini class on how to do the Rule of Three effectively and on how to show mercy when the child has shown a change of heart.

This great question was asked on the TSG Support Group Facebook Forum.

Question from the TSG Support Group Facebook Forum:

Ok, so here is the question- kids have 24 hrs of no priveleges and have earned several extra chores and a major maintenence or two for the rule of 3 during the 24 hrs that will need to be done after the 24 hrs. The reason for the extra consequences is because the child is taking an exhorbitant amount of time to follow through on the instruction and received a correction and when that was not sufficient (2 chores earned for not following the instruction) the rule of 3 with the instruction to do the chore.

Question, towards the end, my son was given the mm to clean the baseboards in the kitchen and my daughter was given cleaning the walls for a mm. When I returned they had not only done the mm but were tearing apart the entire kitchen to “deep clean.” They were cooperating, working hard, and happy. Both no longer had 24 hrs but they did have consequences that still needed to be worked off. I did not give any instructions to this deep clean but the amount of work they were putting in was far more than the amount of chores I would have required. After they were done, my son asked for credit for his chores. I feel like on the one hand I should not give him credit because I didn’t give him the instruction, but on the other hand, I could see the hearts were changed, the attitude was excellent, cooperation was high, and boy did they work hard. How would you handle this?

Hear my answer to this great question HERE!


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