A Tip For A Smooth Dinnertime

Scheduling Tip For Smooth Dinner Hour

by Nicholeen Peck

Hands down, the craziest time of day is dinner time. It is a time when everyone gathers. Parents are often just walking in the door from work and from running errands or children to evening activities. Everyone is hungry and looking for something to eat quick!

If a family has small children this is the time they are often grumpy and impatient. They want Mom’s attention and food, and Mom only has two hands to do it all.

I have to preface this tip with the disclaimer that I am not perfect at this all the time, but when our family follows this meal planning tip life is better.

Dinner by eleven o’clock

I found out years ago that if I could have dinner decided upon by eleven o’clock every morning then dinner time was not stressful for us.

When dinner is decided at that time I often find myself doing some of the prep as well. I chop a few things at lunch time and get the crock pot going so that dinner is essentially done.

If you are the kind who schedules your meals out far in advance try to have dinner done (for the most part) by eleven too. It is a great time to prep all the food for the day. And, when six o’clock rolls around and life is kind of crazy you can calmly give a few instructions to set the table and tidy up while you put the finishing touches on the family meal.

Having dinner planned ahead of time also increases your chance of sitting at the dinner table together. When dinner isn’t done and people are starving and grumpy they often start pulling together something of their own. Then the family is fending for themselves and the family dinner at the table doesn’t happen.

It has been proven that families who eat around the table together are more likely to have strong family relationships. It is worth the effort.

Bring your family together again around the dinner table and decrease stress by having dinner done by eleven tomorrow, or at least decided upon. Even that simple decision can make a world of difference.





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