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Getting started with Teaching Self-Government

There are many ways to learn Teaching Self-Government. Which option you choose largely depends on your learning style, budget, and speed at which you want to learn. There are 3 core resources for learning the TSG system. 

  1. Parenting, A House United Book. A good resource for those on a restricted budget and who are good a picking up a large book and getting through it quickly. Also helpful as a reference manual to have around even if you aren't a big reader. Many people will couple this with the Support Group to answer the questions they are having a difficult time answering from the book alone.
  2. The Teaching Self-Government Implementation Course. This online course is the best resource if you are want to dive deep. This lifetime course includes audio, video, and reading material to suite any style of learning. The audio portion is the main part of the course, so if audio isn't your favorite then we recommend sticking with the books.
  3. Parenting Mastery live training. These 3-day trainings are the fastest way to gain an understanding of TSG to the point that you can implement it at home with confidence. You will come away with a solid foundation of what you can do to handle virtually any parenting situation. This is also the best way to get couples on the same page.

One other options is to find a Mentor near you. We train mentors to be able to teach our material. You can look at our list of mentors and call one near you to see if they will be teaching a course soon (they are trained to teach a 10-12 hour course that is often taught over 5 or 6 weeks) or if they might be interested in mentoring you personally for a fee. Can't find a mentor near you? Consider becoming one yourself to serve your area! Click here for more details. Or you can simply purchase mentoring sessions here.

There are of course many other resources that are helpful in addition to the above listed resources, the book Roles (available in hard back, Kindle, and Audible) being a favorite for those struggling to catch the vision of HOW to implement the system. This is why it is included in all our packages which are designed to give you what you need. All other resources are supplementary and can be used to help you in your family success.

If you have any further questions please Click here to schedule a free family mentor session where we will assess your family needs and help you understand what you need to get your family united. Hopefully this helps answer some questions as you try to decide what is best for you and your family.

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