TSG Parenting Course



This is our premiere Teaching Self-Government Course. It takes about 8 weeks, though you can go at your own pace.

  • 10 easy to use modules, suitable for quick/in depth learning
  • Over 21 hours of video material
  • Downloadable PDF workbook pages for each lesson
  • Group live mentoring calls with certified TSG mentor
  • Weekly Support Group calls with Nicholeen
  • Downloadable version of the cue cards, meeting forms, and choices map.
  • Teaching Self-Government 15-Lesson Family Tutorial included FREE (Viewable on the website, no DVD)
  • Online videos of actual parenting interactions
  • Lifetime access to online course materials
  • More in-depth understanding of self-government and personal self-mastery
  • Stronger relationship strategies for husband/wife relationship
  • Suggested assignments for implementation success

Includes 3 months of Support Calls

The Teaching Self-Government Support Membership is designed to offer weekly TSG support for families as they are implementing self-government principles in their homes.

For many people, implementing a family self-government culture shift at home requires support. This is the reason Nicholeen made the TSG Parenting Course. She saw that families are more successful with self-government principles if they have support.

Get 3 months free included in your Course, then just $15.95 a month after. Cancel any time.

Modules go in depth on the following topics:

  1. Teaching Self-Government & You
  2. Popular Parenting Methods
  3. Family Vision & Family Mission
  4. 5 Keys to Self Government
  5. The Power of Calm
  6. The 4 Basic Skills & The Rule of 3
  7. Teaching Techniques for Parenting
  8. Family Foundations
  9. Creating an Effective Family Government
  10. Support and Bonus Materials

Mentor Calls

In addition to weekly Support Group calls, this course includes 4 group calls with one of our Certified Mentors. These calls happen every other Tuesday, and cover about 2 modules each meeting. Parents find  these mentor calls incredibly beneficial, for a few reasons:

  • Discuss with a Certified Mentor the material you’ve been learning, and how to best implement it in your home.
  • Work through challenges with someone who has been using the Teaching Self-Government skills and principles.
  • You can share things you’ve learned, and others in the group call will share their ideas as well.
  • It helps you stay accountable, and on a timeline (if you want to be).
  • There’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask (within reason). Get all your questions out, and nail down these skills, to start seeing rapid results!

Please note that the course material is online. No physical materials will be included and none are required to complete the course. If you wish to have the Parenting: A House United book or any other physical materials even though they aren’t required, we recommend the Parenting University Package or Parenting Essentials Package.