Full Trainings

Come to this live 3 day “crash course” to Teaching Self-Government! This is the quickest way to start implementing Teaching Self-Government in your home, and is best way to get husband and wife on the same page.

This is a full intensive training on all the principles and skills of Teaching Self-Government for parents and children. Includes personal training from Nicholeen and our Certified Mentors, and 6 months of free ongoing support from Nicholeen through the Support Group.

Teaching Self-Government’s premiere course, designed to take you through all the basics of teaching yourself, and your children, how to self-govern.

In addition to the course, you will also have access to the weekly Support Group for 3 months, and bi-weekly group Mentor Calls.

Over $1,800 value! For years people have wanted personal mentoring as they implement self-government skills and principles in their homes. This Online Parenting Course along with all the other materials included in this package is the best way to get a full understanding of self-government and to get help along the way as the family learns, grows and implements the life-changing principles and skills of Teaching Self-Government.

Over $730 value! Our smallest package that includes the TSG Parenting Course. With this package you will have all the essentials to learn TSG in it’s entirety.