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100 entries (2 pages each)This S.O.D.A.S Journal, an important part of the Teaching Self-Government family system, includes a very basic review of using S.O.D.A.S for problem-solving training, practice ideas and many blank  pages for practicing the skills described.The book is designed for an individual or a whole family to use to journal their S.O.D.A.S in everytime a problem arises that needs to be examined.It is also meant to be referred to as situations of the past resurface in the present.An excellent teaching tool to give your children the gift of practicing problem solving, a valuable life skill that is often neglected and much needed.We have been making do with scribblers for our meeting notes — these are so beautiful and have so many pages!  It will be so great to have all our meeting and S.O.D.A.S. history in one place to refer back to. Thank you! — ParentPlease be aware that the majority of this book’s content is duplicate pages for meeting agendas and notes, similar to how a journal is a book of blank pages ready for you to fill.

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