Popular Parenting Methods: Are They Really Working?

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Do the popular parenting methods of today really work? Do they really teach us how to raise children well so that this generation of children become self-governing, responsible, happy adults?

Nicholeen examines popular parenting methods and the long-term results we can expect them to produce in our kids. She then invites the readers to start a parenting revolution in their own home, returning to the best parenting methods… methods that buck the popular parenting styles and restore our families and homes to places where children are trained to be responsible and self-governing.

Security and happiness are made in structured, loving environments where parents strictly follow principles. In fact, happiness enters more than the mind of a child, it enters the child’s heart. Which, after all, is the place where change occurs. When we reach the hearts of our children they choose the freedom which comes only through self-government.

This is the reason for this book — to help us examine our parenting choices and look closely where those choices will lead our children. Are they self-governing now? Will they be trained to be self-governing as adults? If not, it is time for a Parenting Revolution in your home.

This book will give you insight into examining what may need to change.

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