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This book teaches children the principle of disagreeing appropriately.  This is a principle mentioned in each of the other books in the “Teaching Self-Government: Four Basic Skills” four-book children’s series, but is explored more in depth in this book. What is disagreeing appropriately? Just ask eight-year-old Paije.

Little Paije likes to disagree. The problem is she doesn’t do it appropriately. She yells, whines and even pouts, but she doesn’t really know how to work her problems out.

This darling story, put to rhyme, is a must have for every home! If you want your children to have a voice, but still be respectful and self-governed while expressing themselves, then this is the story for your family.

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See Paije transform her behaviors, her relationships and her heart by learning how to disagree appropriately. This little skill saves the day and the play that Paije has the star role in.

What amazing things will happen at your home when you teach and reinforce The 4 Basic Skills with “Paige Takes the Stage”?


“Nicholeen, this is your best children’s book yet!  We love it!” — Jamie Garlick

“Nicholeen, I need to talk to you. I can say “okay,” accept “no” answers and disagree appropriately … “Paige Takes the Stage” is a purple book. I love purple!” — Jairus Eggertsen (age 5)

“I love it! My children will love it! Hurry and get this one ready! We can’t wait!” — SherLynne Beach

*Parents: don’t forget to read the note to parents at the end of each of The 4 Basic Skills Children’s Series books. Some parents say that they have learned vital information about how to use The 4 Basic Skills at home just by reading the children’s books and notes to parents.

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