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This book facilitates mentor sessions with your children — an integrated part of the Teaching Self-Government family system.

A family plan makes everyone feel secure and unified.  Planning time is also a great time to improve relationships and strengthen bonds.  Not only should we have a family plan and a statement to use to keep the family focused, but we need to have regular personal check-up meetings with our children to bond and to offer support with new events and issues.  A family who plans together and regularly talks about those plans will find increased happiness and success in their family and personal lives.

118 entries (1 page per meeting)

Regular mentoring sessions with children offers a key way to plan together as a family.

Children who excel in life do so because they are inspired — not required — to excel. And all children crave time to talk alone with their parents about things they think and feel.  These mentoring sessions fill these needs, inspiring children with the confidence to branch out of their comfort zones and excel. Mentoring sessions are a crucial part of children’s healthy development and the forms in this book keep parents organized and focused on the things that are most inspiring to children.

We have been making do with scribblers for our meeting notes — these are so beautiful and have so many pages!  It will be so great to have all our meeting and S.O.D.A.S. history in one place to refer back to. Thank you! — Parent

Please be aware that the majority of this books’ content is duplicate pages for meeting agendas and notes, similar to how a journal is a book of blank pages ready for you to fill.

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