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Couples Meeting Journal

Couples Meeting Journal

With extra space for more notes

164 entries

The Couples Meeting Journal is used with the Family Meeting Journal and Mentoring Journal as integrated parts of the Teaching Self-Government family system.

The marital relationship affects all of the family relationships. If the relationship between the parents isn’t healthy, then all of the family relationships become weak.

The couple’s meeting sets the stage for strong family relationships. Parents can discuss issues with the family before meeting with the children, and speak unitedly about topics. That unity helps love, unity and happiness in the home to grow.

We have been making do with scribblers for our meeting notes — these are so beautiful and have so many pages!  It will be so great to have all our meeting and S.O.D.A.S. history in one place to refer back to. Thank you! — Parent

This book contains basic instructions to help the couples meeting to run effectively, meeting agendas to fill in and places for notes. Please be aware that the majority of this book’s content is duplicate pages for meeting agendas and notes, similar to how a journal is a book of blank pages ready for you to fill.

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