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The Home School Helper

The Home School Helper

Revitalizing Your Home School Download

Is your home school feeling lack-luster, boring or ... dead? Have you ever wondered what's next for your children's education? Fear not! Nicholeen Peck and Teaching Self Government have created the perfect class for you.  These concerns and many others are discussed in a series of classes designed specifically for you: The Home School Helper Series.

In this class, Nicholeen discusses things like:

  • Levels of learning
  • Helping your children stay motivated doing the hard stuff (like math)
  • Different curricula and their pros and cons
  • And how to organize your day, make learning fun, feel more focused and be inspired as a family

With her natural passion and acute knowledge of children and home-schooling, this class is a must have for any home-schooling family, regardless of their experience.