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The Family Meeting Journal is an integrated part of the Teaching Self-Government family system. Writing in the journal to prepare for and take notes during family meetings will help keep you on track to creating a more united family.

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99 entries (2 pages per meeting)

We have been making do with scribbles for our meeting notes — these are so beautiful and so many pages!  It will be so great to have all our meeting and SODA history in one place to refer back to. Thank you! — Parent

Most people would never run a company without weekly meetings to work out the problems of the company. Families are definitely more important than businesses, so having weekly meetings to check up on the status of the family just makes sense.

Family meetings are the core of the family government, a time where family members come together to solve problems and discuss plans, concerns and celebrations. These meetings hold the structure of the family together and keep the lines of communication open. At family meetings, every family member has equal voice on family issues, like in a board meeting, with each person understanding their position in the family, but coming all together to make sure the group is running smoothly.

Please be aware that the majority of this books’ content is duplicate pages for meeting agendas and notes, similar to how a journal is a book of blank pages ready for you to fill.

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