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When I did foster care, I had a hard time remembering the new vocabulary I was required to use to help these troubled youth, so I made some cue cards to help myself.

When I first started teaching people the language of self-government and I saw them struggling to remember the new words, I remembered how much cue cards had helped me in the past. These easy to use cards make using the TSG scripts much easier, especially when you need them most.

We recently added 3 new cards, for a total of 8 cards!

Note: This is a supplementary resource to help you implement Teaching Self-Government in your home. To successfully use this product, we recommend you have an understanding of the Teaching Self-Government program as contained in Parenting: A House United, Roles, and Popular Parenting Methods, or in the TSG Parenting Course, or in Parenting Mastery.

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After analyzing how the cards are used and what language was unclear or insufficient, we have made the ultimate TSG Cue Cards!  These durable, plastic cue cards walk you step-by-step through principles like:

  1. Prepping and Pre-Teaching
  2. The 4 Basic Skills
  3. Correcting Negative Behaviors
  4. Clear Rule of 3 Outline and Vocabulary
  5. Calmness
  6. Calm Down Spot
  7. Parent Counseling Session
  8. Effective Praise

The Rule of Three has historically proven to be the most feared teaching style discussed in the book or online course.  People have a hard time keeping the steps to the Rule of Three in order and they often forget what consequences need to be earned during the interaction.

The Rule of Three becomes easy with this new cue card!

(Of course a basic understanding of the tone, structure and principles of self-government learning are still required for children to have a full change of heart, so please study beyond these cards.)

If you need a little bit of quick coaching from time to time during an interaction at home, these cards will be perfect for you.

They are made out of durable plastic so that they won’t ruin when wet.  And they are the perfect size for a pocket or purse.

I used my foster-parent pocket cards for a whole year before I felt like I had the new parenting vocabulary mastered. I thought my foster children would think I was not fit to parent them because of the cards, but you know what?  They respected me more, because they saw that I was deliberately governing myself by a certain set of principles just like I was expecting them to do.  It validated me and increased their trust.  They knew I wouldn’t “blow up” at them like other adults had done.

Increase respect and self-government at your home today!

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