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Should I Medicate?

"Help! I’ve been browing your website for a couple of days. Trying to find some answers- If I had the $ I’d be sending for the cd’s. But it’s not in the budget right now. I’m totally at my wits end wi... more

Stop Being so efficient!!!

Two days ago my son set up all of his little army figures in army formation and came to me and said, "Mom, will you play army with me?"  The first thought I had was, 'I can't right now, because I am trying... more

Too many reminders?

"With young children like my 3 yr old, I am very tempted to give at least one reminder, another chance, before they get a consequence.  So if he starts to whine and say no to an instruction, I remind him of ea... more

Rationales that Matter

“Coming up with rationales that matter to my kids is very difficult for me!  Do you have any tips on this?”... more

Longer Meetings?

 "I just thought I would mention that our meetings often go over 20 minutes but my kids still look forward to them. They love picking the family activity, they like problem solving too.... more

Earning Money...

"Do you have a way for your kids to earn money?  Could you elaborate on that?" There was a time when we paid our children an allowance of sorts.  Each child had a calendar.  Their consequence for a minor of... more

It's the truth!

A wise friend of mine sent me this in an email. <blockquote><font size="2" face="Arial">"</font><span style="font-size: 11pt; color: #1f497d; font-family: ... more

Fights? continued

" in the course of asking from youngest to oldest their account of what happened, do their accounts factor in the consequences they receive?  Because all of them are disrupting the family feeling and not... more


"When your kids are fighting, do you try to instruct them in the middle of that?  I often try to intervene but maybe too often - they don't seem to be learning to problem solve with each-other rather than tatt... more