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Mother and daughter arguing

Commitment Renewal

I was talking with a dear friend about parenting.  She told me that she was doing so good with the Teaching Self Government principles in her home for about a month.  She said she really saw results whenever... more
Birds and bees

When do you talk about "it"?

I have to ask it because it’s something I struggle with talking about to my kids . . . when do you talk to your children about sex?  How do you go about it so that they understand that sex is actually a goo... more

Lights, Camera, Action...With Energy!

For the last month I have been co-directing a play; Shakespeare's "The Tempest". Our matinee performance started under lots of stress.  We were missing our stage hand, two of our actresses, and... more
Mother talking to son

Respecting Property

My four year old son was standing on the back porch this afternoon, talking to his sister.  They were trying to make each other laugh by doing funny things.  This is a common game with the two of them. ... more

Disagreeing Appropriately

My kids LOVE being able to disagree appropriately, but I don't want them to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME!  They are smart and have good reasons for wanting to do things a different way, and sometimes I am very happ... more
Mother cuddling on bed with children

The Wrong List

I participate in a couple of monthly discussion groups.  The conversations at these groups are really inspiring, not to mention thought provoking. At one of these groups, the topic turned to how much alone t... more
Happy Family of 3

Family Meeting Tips

Don't forget your meetings! Family meetings are the core of Teaching Self-Government.  If you have weekly family meetings, the whole family will stay focused on their family government.  See what happens whe... more
Stressed woman

Try Looking Up!

This morning I woke up with this list of things to do today on my mind.  OK, I didn't plan on one of my children throwing up, but the rest was planned.  Before I even got my swimsuit on to leave for the pool,... more
Girl making her bed

Morning Routine Motivation

2 - What kind of opportunities do you give for kids to follow through before getting consequences? Example:  It is each child's responsibility to make their bed, tidy their bedroom, get dressed to shoes befor... more

Character Building

In our family meeting this Sunday a topic was brought up that our family needs to do more service.  We asked for suggestions.  After going over many options, we decided that Dad would call a ranch in our c... more
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