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Yellow Canary on barbed wire fence

I Am Not Looking!

I was driving down the highway this morning looking at the clear blue sky and the snow capped mountains.  A bird was perched on a wooden fence on the side of the road.  The bird had a bright yellow head and a... more
Dad playing airplane with daughter

Fun... So Important!

Fun is so important for good personal and family health.  Every Sunday we decide upon a family activity that we can do together sometime in the week.  My children also set a fun goal for the week with their f... more
Happy Older Family

Have A Mission Book

In order to teach our children how to govern themselves in a family setting, we have to give them a vision, or picture of what the family is working toward.  This vision, or goal, begins the family's mission.... more
Little boy writing

About S.O.D.A.S.

Recently, I have had a number of emails asking questions about how to use SODAS.  If you aren't aware, SODAS are a problem solving exercise that I learned how to use while working for the Utah Youth Village. ... more
Angry little girl

Ah, 3 Year Olds!

My 3 year old is the one I'm really struggling with. She doesn't take a NO answer well at all, even when we practice.  She does really well when we practice, but when it comes to doing it for real, then we ha... more
Child pouting

Helping Young Children Accept "No" Answers

"Nicholeen, I was wondering how you teach these principles to the younger children.  My children are (almost) 8, (almost) 6, 3.5, 20 months, and a 2 week old.  (not that I expect to be doing this with the new... more
Mother and daughter talking

Public Parenting

"I get tired of being the only parent trying to get my kids to behave properly, and having my nieces and kids’ friends look at me like I’m the wicked witch or something!  I want my kids to be able to enjoy... more
Smiling Children

Dealing With Negative Social Influences

Nicholeen, My children are usually very well-behaved away from home, and I take them with me to most places I go--the grocery and clothes stores, church functions, friends homes, relatives homes, we have even t... more
Blue flax flower

A Parable

     Sometimes when parents start teaching their children how to govern themselves, the children start to fight against the new system.  Many people don't cope with change well, and children are often more... more
Woman swimming

Triathlon VS Parenting: The Comparisons

          In my seminars I tell a story about when I did the swimming leg of a triathlon and the life lessons I learned from that experience.  I am not going to restate all the lessons we discuss in d... more
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