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Hope For Homes Everywhere!

Sometimes, no matter how diligently parents try to teach their children and unify their families, they are met with opposition.communication in the familyFamily Meetingsunityfamily unity... more
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Goals And Commitments: Consequences For Both

Goals and commitments: what is the difference between these two? And shouldn't there be synthetic consequences for goals as well as commitments? Listen to this audio to learn more! goalscommitmentsconsequencess... more

The Best Activity Place for Children

“Let’s stay at home for a while,” suggested my children after a month full of fun day trips, camping trips and cousin time.playtimefamily play timeimaginationstress in children... more

Teaching Children Respect Just Got Easier!

“Perhaps I shouldn’t even tell people about this because it’s probably bad, but I just felt I had to do it,” said a friend of mine shortly after a trip with her four-year-old son to the gas station.... more

1 Skill To Improve Calmness For The Whole Family

While swimming with my family one day the calmness of our pool experience was interrupted by one very loud, very stressed mother.calmPower of CalmChanging Heartsconnectingconnecting with childrenencouragement... more

Daddies Who Slay Dragons

4 year old Avery Vidrine explained fathers like this, "They work hard, slay dragons, and love us!" honoring fathers... more