Powerful Home Culture & Home Education Online Family Training

Whether you’ve always homeschooled your children or you were recently pushed into homeschooling, THIS IS FOR YOU!


This event is NOT exclusive to homeschoolers, but will offer great homeschool training. We might all need additional this year due to the current pandemic. (Who knows what’s going to happen as winter gets closer.)

It’s Back To School Time! No matter if you are homeschooling or sending the children back to school, it’s the perfect time to power up our home cultures, strengthen family relationships, and to apply the principles of a transformational and inspiring educational environment to our homes.

In this FREE 3 hour training, Nicholeen Peck and Yvonne Averett, both veteran parents and teachers,

  • will share their secrets to making home the happiest place on earth,
  • how to develop open relationships with children and youth,
  • how to motivate children to excel in education and become self-directed learners,
  • how to help children become socially and emotionally strong in these distressing times,
  • and answer your questions about home culture, family relationships, and educational success.

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