7 Keys of Correcting Bad Behaviors

Now You Can Learn How to Analyze and Solve 99% of all Parenting Problems Through the “7 Keys of Correcting Bad Behaviors!”

Parenting isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. You can learn a system of parenting that can give you the answers to virtually all the questions you could ever encounter as a parent dealing with raising children.

On August 18,Nicholeen Peck and a panel of TSG mentors will teach the “7 Keys of Correcting Bad Behaviors” and will demonstrate how Teaching Self-Government can answer 99% of all parenting questions. During this 3-hour event, they’llanswer questions from attendees like yourself. Get your questions answered and see how the principles of TSG can be applied to virtually EVERY parenting situation. Improve your problem-solving skills as a parent and learn how to become an empowered leader in your home.

Over the last 20+ years since Nicholeen Peck has been teaching the principles of Teaching Self-Government, she has heard virtually every parenting problem you could ever encounter. Since then she has taught the principles of how to solve those problems to thousands of parents empowering them to create the united family that every parent dreams of. Join us for this 3-hour Q&A and witness Nicholeen and a panel of parents answer YOUR parenting questions by simply applying the principles of Teaching Self-Government. Witness how Teaching Self-Government can solve 99% of all YOUR parenting questions. Register and submit your questions now! (Or just register so that you can learn the problem-solving skills you need for your family.)

How this 3-hour Training and Q&A Will Work

  1. Submit Questions
    Once you register you’ll receive an email with a link that will allow you to submit questions.
  2. Log into Zoom at 9 a.m. MT August 18 to participate in the live event (or watch the recording later)
    You’ll be emailed a link to join a live Zoom room before the event starts. Or, you can wait until the next day to get a link to the recording.
  3. Watch and participate
    There will be two parts to this event. Part one will be a training on the “7 Keys of Correcting Bad Behaviors.” During this portion, you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to solve 99% ofvirtually any given parenting situation. Part two will be a question-and-answer session where we’ll answer thequestions previously submitted.If you attend live you may also ask questions during the live event, or follow up on questions that are addressed live*.
  4. Get the help you need
    Whether or not you’re already familiar with Teaching Self-Government, this event will be very beneficial for you. However, during the event we’ll be referring to skills and principles taught in the Teaching Self-Government system. If there are terms or principles you don’t fully understand while watching the event, no worries!We’ll provide you with information on how to get access to further resources to learn what you need to get all the help you may need.

*Note that during this 3-hour session we may not be able to address all the questions submitted to us, but we promise to address as many as possible. We will NOT avoid any “difficult” questions. If your question doesn’t get answered during the event, just reach out to us afterwards and we’ll get you the resources you need foranswers.

Questions about this event?

Will this be appropriate for my children to watch with me?

Absolutely! We believe that our children should understand these principles just as well as we do, so please invite your children to learn with you and talk about how you can apply what you are learning to help your family.

What is required to attend this event?

This is an online event. We’ll be using the software “Zoom” to host the event. If you plan to attend live, please make sure you have an adequate and stable Internet connection. Minimum bandwidth requirements are: 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD video. We recommend you have a computer with a webcam so that you can share video — especially if you have any questions during the event. For more information about Zoom requirements click here:https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-Requirements-for-PC-Mac-and-Linux

Will there be a recording?

Yes, but it will only be available to those who register. We don’t currently have any plans to sell the recording.

Other questions?

Please click here to contact us.

Register by clicking the link below!