Dare to Take Command

As parents deliberately trying to create the kind of family we want, there is one issue that we’re constantly faced with and will never be able to escape. This is by far the number one problem that parents ask me about after working to teach self-government in their home. It’s without a doubt the hardest thing any of us will ever do in this life. What is this number one issue? It’s taking command of our own personal self-government.

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • How can I be more consistent?
  • What do I need to do to find more love for my children?
  • How do I inspire my children to want to do more and be more?
  • How do I truly connect to my children?
  • How can I help my children to reach their full potential?

Well, all of these questions and others are answered by simply learning to “Dare to Take Command!”

Enjoy this 3-hour online seminar plus Q&A where we will focus on understanding the process to master yourself in order to have the greatest influence on yourself and all those you come in contact with. This will help you as parents know how you can inspire your children. You’ll learn how to set up the proper home environment to lead toward a more fulfilled life.

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