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by Nicholeen Peck   Having command is not a bad, dominant, or militant thing. Feeling calm command is a sign of a healthy parenting relationship. It’s likely unpopular to suggest that a parent should have command at home. However, over two decades of case studies have shown me that children and parents thrive when the […]

by Nicholeen Peck Society, with all its innovations and intricacies, has lost the vision of home power. With social and political upheaval happening around the globe, parents wonder how to raise up a new generation of people who can set things straight, get society back on track toward goodness, diplomacy, truth, and healthy problem solving. […]

by Nicholeen Peck   In the past week, I’ve received multiple apology texts from friends related to a variety of topics. Two apology texts stick out to me more than the others. One apology was clearly for social posturing. The person was sending it because they knew that they looked bad to others and didn’t […]

by Nicholeen Peck   This year at the Commission on the Status of Women [CSW], at the United Nations , the topic of discussion was finding solutions for global poverty. While some of the family and motherhood organizations came up with good solutions for teaching entrepreneurialism, networking, and developing life skills through training programs and […]

by Nicholeen Peck   Discerning between when a child should be corrected and when a child’s personality should simply be understood can be difficult for many parents, because personalities and behaviors are different, but can sometimes seem similar. So what is the difference between personality and behavior, and how can parents prepare for meaningful interactions […]

by Nicholeen Peck Parents have to navigate some pretty tough topics in our modern world. These topics range from sibling rivalry and disconnection from parents to addictions, romance, drugs, spiritual skepticism, digital usage, and social dilemmas. Parents frequently ask me questions such as, “What should I say to my son about his girlfriend who is […]