Worldwide Organization for Women | Teaching Self-Government

Worldwide Organization for Women

Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm MDT
Salt Lake Library
210 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
United States

Faith, Family, Sovereignty

—are we effectively passing this legacy on to the children? 


Family: Nicholeen Peck

Nicholeen is the mother of four children and has previously fostered many troubled teens. She has been teaching effective parenting principles around the world since 1999. In 2009, she and her family were featured in a one hour BBC documentary about parenting. She has also appeared on various news and radio shows, is a popular public speaker, and author of Parenting a House United, and other books. She has a blog called 

Sovereignty: Renee C. Green, J.D. 

Founder The Leadership Foundation, Radio Show Producer in Mali, Ghana, and Bolivia. Recipient 2010 Global Leadership Award, BYU Law School’s World Family Policy Center United Nations’ Representative, Campaign director or advisor for senatorial candidate, Malian presidential candidate, local mayoral candidate. Lived in six countries. 

Faith: Yvonne Averett 

Yvonne Averett is Wife of her best friend, Mom to four beautiful daughters, and Grandmom to one cute little guy. She is a former educator in the California Public School System and currently serves on the Board of WOW as Treasurer.


Carol Rigby's picture

Hi Nicholeen How are you, it sounds like you are very busy as usual. This Worldwide Organisation for Women sounds great, I wish I could come, do you have an organisation in the Uk that holds meetings? I have started holding a life coaching group in the church at Eastwood, it is a community group and we are hoping we can get members of the public to come to it, it is our way of getting the church into the community. I feel my mission in life is to lift and inspire people to become their best, to reach for their potential, I really enjoy it and I had three non members their last week. Hope all is well with the family say Hi for me. Love Carol
David Eggertsen's picture

@#2 Have you looked into TSG circles? You may find the material provided there useful for your life coaching group. There may be a circle in your area, but as the program is so new (launched Aug 2013), there is likely not a circle in your area yet. You might consider starting one, or doing the program with your life coaching group. Check it out at