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TSG Parenting Course

This is our premiere Teaching Self Government Course. It takes about 8 weeks, though you can go at your own pace.

  • 10 easy to use modules, suitable for quick/in depth learning
  • Downloadable PDF workbook pages for each lesson
  • Group live mentoring calls with certified TSG mentor
  • Weekly Support Group calls with Nicholeen
  • Downloadable version of the cue cards, meeting forms, and choices map.
  • Teaching Self-Government 15-Lesson Family Tutorial included FREE (Viewable on the website, no DVD)
  • Online videos of actual parenting interactions
  • Lifetime access to online course materials
  • More in-depth understanding of self-government and personal self-mastery
  • Stronger relationship strategies for husband/wife relationship
  • Suggested assignments for implementation success
  • Includes 3 months of Support Calls
Parenting A House United 2nd Edition

Parenting A House United

Is your home in crisis? Do your children never do what they are told? Do you find yourself completely overwhelmed and hating to interact with your children? Do your children treat you with disrespect and cause contention at home? Are you out of control of your emotions as a parent too? If any of these descriptions sound like your house, then you might be in crisis and you will definitely benefit from reading this book. It is written for you. This book is also written for people who don‘t want to ever have a home like I have described above and for parents who want to have an effectively communicating family right from the very beginning of parenthood.

Children’s Books Package


Londyn LaRae Says Okay!

(Following Instructions)

“Londyn LaRae Says Okay!” is the first in a four-book series of books highlighting basic skills. The captivating art and rhyming nature of this book are sure to make it one your children will beg you to read to them time and again.

Porter Earns A Quarter

(Accepting “No” Answers)

Once a child understands how to appropriately accept “no” answers, they become more confident, less anxious, more connected to family and much happier.

Big Win for Quin

(Accepting Consequences)

If there is a key lesson in learning self-government, it is this skill — learning to accept consequences. If a child can’t accept a consequence, he can’t learn to self-govern, because what happens will always be someone else’s fault.

Paije Takes the Stage

(Disagreeing Appropriately)

Little Paije likes to disagree. The problem is she doesn’t do it appropriately. She yells, whines and even pouts, but she doesn’t really know how to work her problems out.



They define our rights, obligations, responsibilities, beliefs, and even who we are. How well do we each understand our respective roles? How do we teach our children about proper roles? How would the problems children and parents face change if they better understood roles? Aren’t parents whether aggressive, passive or assertive always defining roles anyway? How do roles effect business relationships? Why do we see the roles in today’s world wrapped around so much confusion and debate when it’s impossible to escape roles? This book (published in 2016) makes roles easier to understand, and it shows how to strengthen roles and empower ourselves and those we live and work with to reach our full potentials.

Popular Parenting Methods

Do the popular parenting methods of today really work? Do they really teach us how to raise children well so that this generation of children become self-governing, responsible, happy adults?

Nicholeen examines popular parenting methods and the long-term results we can expect them to produce in our kids. She then invites the readers to start a parenting revolution in their own home, returning to the best parenting methods… methods that buck the popular parenting styles and restore our families and homes to places where children are trained to be responsible and self-governing.

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