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Calmness is the basis for good communication and understanding in relationships. Without calmness, we fall into power struggles and traps that make us frustrated with ourselves and each other. We don’t need to accept this frustration and lack of calmness any longer. It’s possible to calmly and assertively communicate and correct another person. Whether you struggle finding your own calmness or you have family members who need assistance finding calmness, this toolkit is for you!

Grab Your Toolkit and Prepare to Be Calm

Self-government is not only possible for your family, but many families are finding the freedom and joy that comes from learning self-government every day. Since 1999 I’ve seen parents, children and youth learn to communicate calmly and improve their family bonds. Loving, united families are possible, even if we don’t see them very often on TV. We don’t need to embrace a social and familial norm of dysfunctional relationships any more.
This toolkit will re-launch your parenting, and transform the way you see emotional situations. Empowerment skills for you and your family members and functional relationships are just around the corner. 

I’ll see you on your Calm Parenting journey! 

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